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for steve, he found quickly he had been kept in the dark of what was otherwise an open secret. here is a thing about a place like kansas things can hide in these wide open spaces. hopes, lies, secrets. the sky is like a huge lid trapping everything inside my name is steve, and i was born in kansas. i whats a i documente a adoptedy jane who raised me on this farm along with their six daughters and two sons. i grew up leaving thing believing things in my family were a certain way. but when you turned 18 i found out everything i thought i knew was a lie. ♪ testing. >> all right this is for real. >> tell us what you want to know? >> did you ever think that -- do you know do you have any regrets? >> no. >> do you think you handled everything the way you wanted to handle it? >> i would have liked to have done more for him. how do you feel? yeah how do you feel about us. >> i sort of block it out of my head. >> i think i was angry because i felt like i was left out. no, you weren't. >> you don't know what it's like to be adopted. >> no. >> so i do. and the sense of oh well i appreciate
for market cheaters, e-mails indicating the top executives including it's founders steve cohen failed to stop alleged insider training. six employees have pleaded guilty to insider training and one is serving two and a half years in prison. two other men are set to stand trial. now stephen cohen has not been charged with criminal activity, but the journal said he'll remain under investigation. ali? >> a lot of people may not know of sc capital visors or stephen cohen. it's been in the news but for a lot of people who follow business. this firm is a pretty big deal. >> absolutely. this hedge fund was the envy of wall street. it had $50 billion in assets under management and posts outside trading profits for two decades but since it has fallen in fed crosshairs clients have pulled most of their money but stephen cohen still has a sizable fortune to manage at $9.2 billion. >> he alone has more money than many hedge funds will manage. so the agreement just means that they can't manage outside money. >> we've seen this so much, and we heard time and time again that ultimately it's not the money th
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)